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or Supporting a Latin Program

Resources to support any program, elementary to college - the electronic edition

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to Users 

1) Use latest versions. Many are edited & updated annually. Please DISCARD OLDER DOCUMENTS

2) Pick fliers appropriate for differing recipients.

3) Please read content carefully and discern best fit for your needs.

Why Latin

for Young Students?

Why Latin for Home Schools?

You can satisfy

standards while teaching 

a valuable language!

Study Latin at any level, elementary to college, and see the benefits! 
We see Latin taught in public, private, magnet, charter, homeschool, and even correctional settings.


for extra resources,

online store, and

teacher placement


About Us:
The NCLG is one of the founding members of JNCL-NCLIS, a non-profit group that supports and advocates for all world language education at the national and state level.  
NCLG aims to be the national voice for Latin and Greek in  US education.
Latin courses include study of Greco-Roman  
history, art, and culture. This culture and its extensive 
literature are 
connected to the heritage of over a
billion people in
57+ countries
on 4 continents.
Studying the Roman multicultural world can also offer students insights into modern situations and events.
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"The Value of Latin..."

Latin courses satisfy Standards

 Common Core


and build 21st Century Skills!

 Need help to find a good Latin textbook?

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Some Valuable
Transferable Skills For All Students
and range of expressions.
*Improved  reading comprehension
*Enhanced writing skills.



Over 50% of all English words are formed from LATIN.


10% more are formed from GREEK.


90%  of academic, career, and professional vocabulary are formed from LATIN.

To download

"Latin Develops Valuable and Transferable Language Skills,"  CLICK BELOW.

Click here to see how Latin aligns with Common Core

(the base of many state standards under ESSA)

  College-bound? Building Skills for College and Careers

Latin offers valuable

career skills



critical thinking


nuance and detail

differing perspectives

STEAM crossovers

Kiplinger ranked Classics #16 out of the 102 College Majors

for leading to

excellent and satisfying careers!

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